Aerial Seeding & Tree Planting

Planting with drones is a low cost, low-impact solution to reforesting native species and provide several supplementary nutrients, minerals and other additions, all of which are necessary for developing seedlings but may not be available in abundance in the soil at a planting location.

These unique advantages boost the growth rates of developing seedlings by delivering necessary elements directly to the root systems of the germinated seeds.

More Details

Reforestation Process


Mapping, Surveying and Ground Truth Analysis

Terrain mapping, soil analysis and ecosystem modelling occurs to identify beneficial species and respective seed pod bio-tech design.


Seed Balls and Ground Preparation

A soil and species specific, nutrient rich seed pod is manufactured onsite using our proprietary seed pod mobile manufacturing plant.


Planning Flights and Deploying Drones

Drones fly autonomously, planting up to 2 carbon seed pods per second whilst logging the GPS location of every seed pod planted.


Post Planting Monitoring and Surveying

Re-map planted areas 1–6 months later to monitor seedling growth and implement proactive protection measures if required.

Nature Based Projects Turn-Key Solutions

Offset your carbon 

All our projects are verified so you can achieve certified emissions reduction. We provide high-integrity carbon credits and data driven reporting

Landowners  NbS projects

If you are a landowner looking to contribute to the regeneration of the Natural world and sell high-integrity carbon credits

Monitor, survey and report​

We can identify and quantify native and invasive species and provide a detailed ecosystem assessment

NbS project development

Using our drone technology we reduce your costs and accelerate Afforestation and Reforestation interventions 

Software platform  

Integrates data collection, AI processing and data driven insights. Full ecosystem overview and automated reporting


Ecosystem Data Driven Insights For Targeted Interventions

Using ecology driven data science, we analyse and provide extremely detailed insight into every aspect of the land’s condition
from erosion risk, vegetation health per species, quantification of native and invasive flora, in days.

Monitor & Survey

Our Aerial Survey can capture data with ultra
high resolution quality, allowing us to visualise entire ecosystems from
individual leaves on trees and blades of grass to every animal roaming the land.

With AI technology, we can analyse and provide insights
covering erosion risk, vegetation health per species,
quantification of native and invasive flora in days.

Natural Resource Management

Drones enable large-scale, detailed surveys of natural resources, providing accurate maps and models as well as telemetry data.

Deploy drones with high-resolution and multispectral sensors to map forests, sample vegetation, or monitor and manage the health of forests and wildlife. Trained by our Nature team our machine learning platform delivers greater level accuracy and faster insights than traditional methods.

  • Species Identification

         Native and invasive species

  • Species Quantification

         Complete counts of every tree, shrub and grass on your site

  • Ecosystem Assessment

          Full ecosystem assessment of biodiversity, plant growth, soil                     condition and carbon

  • Reporting

          Enable full site reporting consistent with regulatory requirements

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